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The Queen’s Speech

Posted by lauraoli on December 28, 2011


(Picture courtesy of James)

In our household it is traditional on Christmas afternoon to go for a walk. This means that the Queen’s Speech is almost always missed. However, this year, due to us being slightly slower than normal, we watched the speech just as we were getting ready to leave the house. BBC and Sky both reported it as ‘Queen’s message focuses on family’, but failed to mention the most important part – the gospel message that made up the last couple of minutes. It reads like this:

Finding hope in adversity is one of the themes of Christmas. Jesus was born into a world full of fear. The angels came to frightened shepherds with hope in their voices: ‘Fear not’, they urged, ‘we bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

‘For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.’

Although we are capable of great acts of kindness, history teaches us that we sometimes need saving from ourselves – from our recklessness or our greed. God sent into the world a unique person – neither a philosopher nor a general, important though they are, but a Saviour, with the power to forgive. Forgiveness lies at the heart of the Christian faith. It can heal broken families, it can restore friendships and it can reconcile divided communities. It is in forgiveness that we feel the power of God’s love. In the last verse of this beautiful carol, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, there’s a prayer:

O Holy Child of Bethlehem,

Descend to us we pray.

Cast out our sin

And enter in.

Be born in us today.

It is my prayer that on this Christmas day we might all find room in our lives for the message of the angels and for the love of God through Christ our Lord.

It’s so wonderful that the Queen used the opportunity she has to speak to so many all at once to tell people of the good news of Jesus Christ, even missionary friends in Madagascar listened to the speech on the BBC World Service radio!


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The benefits of faith!

Posted by lauraoli on April 30, 2011

So it appears that being a Christian can extend your lifespan by 14 years!!! See the articles below…

Health benefits of Christian faith <– the original report.

‘Doing God’ is good for your health <– this is a really interesting article published on the CMF blog about the above report.

Faith ‘good for you health’  <– and this is the Telegraph newspaper article about said blog post.

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He’s on His way!

Posted by lauraoli on December 14, 2010

This was posted on the BBC news website today. This poster is being put on 2010 bus shelters across the country, and is designed to spread the word of the real meaning of Christmas by using a familiar image given a new twist.

It’s very clever – Christmas should start with Christ… that’s what it’s all about after all.

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This is it!

Posted by lauraoli on August 2, 2010

So… in just a couple of hours I will be leaving home to go to Manchester airport to get the first of three flights. The first to London Heathrow, then overnight tonight to Johannesburg, then tomorrow mid-morning to Antananarivo (the capital of Madagascar). I will stay overnight in a hotel, before getting a ‘taxi-brousse’ to Mandritsara, which, if it goes well, should take a mere 20 hours!

I haven’t quite finished packing, almost everything is in the bag, and I am praying and hoping that I manage to stay within the 20kg weight limit. £35 per kilo charge per extra kilo isn’t really affordable!

This adventure up until now has been a huge learning curve, and I’m pretty sure that it’s only really starting. This trip is completely and utterly outside of my comfort zone, and although I’m very excited, I’m pretty apprehensive too.

I won’t be able to blog whilst in Madagascar, the internet is basically non- existent. Just before I go, I wanted to share this video – what a brilliant way to act in a crisis!

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”Are you late?”

Posted by lauraoli on May 25, 2010

For the first time ever, an abortion clinic advertised on national TV on Monday. The advert for Marie Stopes, in my opinion, is misleading and inappropriate.

Not once in that advert does the word ‘abortion’ actually appear, even though the Marie Stopes clinic carries out one third of all abortions that take place each year in the UK.

To advertise abortions like they are just another consumer product is appalling and completely disregards the sanctity of life. A life is a life, no matter what circumstances surrounds the child’s conception or family. As soon as those two cells fuse, a life is created. Abortion is murder.

The bible has many things to say on this subject, but I have chosen just one verse to illustrate my point:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.               Jeremiah 1:5

God designed us, created us and has plans for each and every one of us. We don’t have the right to ‘play God’ – we’re no good at it. That’s his job, and he is good at it.

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