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This is it!

Posted by lauraoli on August 2, 2010

So… in just a couple of hours I will be leaving home to go to Manchester airport to get the first of three flights. The first to London Heathrow, then overnight tonight to Johannesburg, then tomorrow mid-morning to Antananarivo (the capital of Madagascar). I will stay overnight in a hotel, before getting a ‘taxi-brousse’ to Mandritsara, which, if it goes well, should take a mere 20 hours!

I haven’t quite finished packing, almost everything is in the bag, and I am praying and hoping that I manage to stay within the 20kg weight limit. £35 per kilo charge per extra kilo isn’t really affordable!

This adventure up until now has been a huge learning curve, and I’m pretty sure that it’s only really starting. This trip is completely and utterly outside of my comfort zone, and although I’m very excited, I’m pretty apprehensive too.

I won’t be able to blog whilst in Madagascar, the internet is basically non- existent. Just before I go, I wanted to share this video – what a brilliant way to act in a crisis!


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